Should I learn C before learning C++? Answer – NO!

C is Not C++!!!

A superset of nothing useful

I often hear those who really should know better giving the advice that before you learn to code in C++ you should first learn to code in C. At face value this would seem like reasonable advice; after all C++ is a superset of C and so by learning C you’ll be learning some of C++. Unfortunately, this advice overlooks some fundamental but very important differences between C and C++ that may very well damage the learning curve of the student. Continue reading

Sorry for the lack of recent content

Hey everyone (I assume someone reads this blog), it’s been a while since my last blog post. I have no real excuse other than to say I decided I need to take a little personal time to recharge my batteries. I’m back now and will be aiming to publish a new technical article on a weekly basis. Meanwhile, I’ve also decided to resurrect my Tumblr account (currently, it just redirects here). Continue reading

Not impressed with web host!

So, my web hosting is provided by and my DNS hosting is provided by Heart Internet. Why are they seperate? Well, it's simply that I originally purchased my domains with Heart but have changed web hosts a couple of times. Since my DNS is configured just how I like it and since it really shouldn't matter who hosts your DNS (as long as they provide the ability to set A and CNAME records) it shouldn't be a big deal. Or so I thought!

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Technical Debt

Regular readers (do I actually have any, I wonder?) of my blog may be wondering why I’ve not posted any new content for the last few weeks. First off, let me apologise for this. Secondly, let me explain why: I’ve been busy… in my new job! That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, everyone’s favourite evil one has finally found himself employment again.

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Is your password salty enough?

Passwords. They are ubiquitous. You can’t avoid them. Given all the amazing things that have been invented over the last 50 years or so there is still nothing that looks set to replace the humble password any time soon. Any thing you do online these days requires you to register an account. Often this is just unnecessary and just a way of companies harvesting your details to send you yet more targeted ads (spam!). Of course, registering necessitates yet another password.
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