An expert in cross-platform ANSI C/C++ development; evilrix specialises in high performance/low latency solutions and complex meta-template programming techniques.

In his spare time he likes to assist on the Experts Exchange technology web site and has done so now for over ten years. He also enjoys writing articles for his technical and personal blogs. When he’s not coding or blogging, evilrix is currently learning to speak Spanish!

Experts Exchange. On this site I am one of the highest ranking C/C++ experts, with only my friends jkr and Infinity08 ahead of me – both of whom have been active on the site a lot longer than me. As well as being an expert I also hold the administrative role of Topic Advisor (previously called Zone Advisor).

The TA’s role is to work with the site moderators to ensure all technical questions are answered properly. We also work with other members to maintain the high standards of conduct and professionalism expected by EE from all of its members.

Unfortunately, Experts Exchange gets a lot of flack due to its poor image, which is a legacy inherited from past owners. EE and its employees are amongst the most ethical bunch I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet. They paid for me and a bunch of other high ranking experts to have an all expenses paid trip to the HQ with 5 days in a luxury hotel (including all the food and drink we could consume).

Whilst there we got to see many of the initiatives they do to give back to the community. These range from many staff members volunteering one day a week for local charities to EE Corp. (and quite a few of the experts and other site volunteers) raising vast sums of money to provide clean water and sanitation to 3rd world companies.

Unfortunately, those who slag off EE do so without making any effort to do a little research to see what EE and its community is really about. Instead, they usually just want something for nothing and when they discover EE doesn’t work like that they slag it off.

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