Sorry for the lack of recent content

Hey everyone (I assume someone reads this blog), it’s been a while since my last blog post. I have no real excuse other than to say I decided I need to take a little personal time to recharge my batteries. I’m back now and will be aiming to publish a new technical article on a weekly basis. Meanwhile, I’ve also decided to resurrect my Tumblr account (currently, it just redirects here).

This blog started life on Tumblr but it quickly became apparent to me that Tumblr is better suited to what I’d call social blogging than actually writing articles. That being the case I decided to migrate it to a WordPress account and here we are. The original intention was for this site to be a definitive source of my blogging but I’ve come to realise that WordPress isn’t really well suited to social blogging!

With that in mind I am going to resurrect my Tumblr account, and use that for my social blogging (which will most likely be me ranting about things that have irritated me). I’ll keep this site purely for technical blogging, although I will probably get Tumblr to publish my social blogs to this site; they’ll be tagged specifically as social so anyone only interested in technical content can filter then out.

Anyway, I have no idea if my plans for the site will work out but I do know that whatever happens I will start generating new content on a regular basis and, hopefully, expand my audience. Look out for my next technical article, that I plan to publish this weekend. It will cover the use of Lambda functions in C++11.

Until then, stay safe!

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